The Adders of Oleanvir

Finally, success! Through the cooperation of Serenwilde, New Celest and Magnagora, Oleanvir Valley has seen a return of its adders into its grasses. Though the adders are now again part of the precarious ecosystem, where their reproduction outpaces the feeding of the rocs, the question remains: If the adders are again hunted for their venom, can they keep up their numbers to survive within their natural habitat? Or will the Basin have to forever be vigilant of this delicate species to ensure they never become endangered again? Many were involved in the restoration of the adders, including Gwylifar llyrFarathan and his wife Irryllia llyrFarathan, Prince Rhysus Saros, Warlord Daevos Feyranti, Moondancer Dumihru, Jasper Greythane, Serenguard Terenas, Serenguard Chessa, Mitch Riversong; Dahlia Windweaver, Flynt Ama’nar’isil, Sir Ordos Dekoven, Aquamancer Nirrain, and Silvanus Artharder as well as others from Serenwilde, New Celest and Magnagora.

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