Specializations in Enchantment and Alchemy

Llandros of the Cacophony won the gnomish Scrapgiving holiday contest, penning the jingle “Gnomish Grand Idea”. Meanwhile Lendren Starfall won the dwarvish Klangfest holiday contest with his bawdy song, “Fourplay”. Lendren gave up his prize to the runner-up, Sylphas Talnara for his song, “Wild Witches”. The prizes turned out to be new trade skill specializations. Bards will now be able to take Enchantment (if they have high magic) or Alchemy (if they have low magic). However, both these skills have been split into specializations. Alchemy splits between Lorecraft (druids/wiccans) and Brewmeister (bards), while Enchantment splits between Spellcraft (mages/guardians) and Tinkering (bards). Thus, Llandros was offered the skill of Tinkering, and Sylphas offered the arts of the Brewmeister.

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