Secret of the Goldfeathers

Sheena Goldfeather, a trill who lives in the Grey Moors, discovered much to her surprise that her cousin Kyree had returned from his wanderings outside of the Basin of Life. Arriving in a caravan, Kyree Goldfeather revealed he had been looking for many exotic potions. Discovering a nest of manticores high in the Southern Mountians, Kyree was able to extract their poison for a particular potion he was interested in. It was later discovered that for generations the Goldfeathers had been keeping their ancestor, Hieli Goldfeather, locked up. Hieli had been on the Board of Hallifax had been tainted and turned into an undead abomination during the Taint Wars, and now is quite insane and dangerous. Hieli did hold, however, snippets of a strange and dark prophesy.

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