Revelations of Beastmastery

After a variety of animals were stolen from stables throughout the land, they began appearing on the highways of the Basin in a state of wild mutation. Eventually, dracnari elders came forward to reveal that some of their secrets had been stolen which was likely the cause of the mutations. Using ancient magic, the dracnari were eventually able to track down the thieves with the help of members from all cities and communes. It was discovered that the leader of this den of thieves was a young dracnari named Yirit Iborchi. He recruited some youths from prestigious families into an organization called the League of Free Thinking Youths (or LoFTY), who were intent on stealing the knowledge of the ancient dracnari. Reluctantly, the dracnari decided to formally train these misguided youths and send them back to their families. Thus, Beastmastery has entered the Basin of Life as a new skill which all can learn.

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