Death of a Fae Girl

During the recent conflict between New Celest and Magnagora, a tragic incident occurred wherein a little fae girl was killed by the Celestians based on a misguided assumption by a young Celestine named Erion. Nevertheless, Prince Rhysus of New Celest supported Erion which led to the death of many fae, including the little fae girl. Much to the horror of Serenwilde, the girl was reborn into Faethorn and began to slowly transform into a demonic imp. Hayden, Laysus, Gregori, Caedryn and other Serenwilders quested long and hard to find a cure, leading them from the heights of Celestia to the demon pits of Nil. Finally, with the unexpected help from Magnagora, a cure was indeed found through a ‘true tear’ from the Queen of Insufferable Cruelty, which was received only through reading a longlost love poem to this most enigmatic Demon Lord.

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