Challenge of War

Hailing from all parts of the Basin, many three-persons teams answered the call to compete in the Challenge of War. The first round was won by Thoros, Ceren, and Romero. The second round was won by Desitrus, Vathael, and Shuyin. The third round was won by Malicia, Narsrim, and Talkan. The last qualifying round was won by Xiel, Lehki, and Casilu. Each pretrial winner received a 100 credit award. The final challenge pitted all of the winning teams against each other. In the chaos of battle that ensued, Vathael, Desitrus, and Shuyin emerged as the winners of the Trial. While Vathael and Shuyin claimed the runnerup awards of 500 credits each, Desitrus strode forward to claim the Seal of War, becoming the second sealbearer for Lusternia’s Ascension 2009.

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