Descended from the Elder God Tae, the tae'dae are bear-like humanoids. They are an extremely large people, though their size is more in their breadth rather than their height, which likewise makes them as slow as they are powerful. Indeed, they are the innately strongest of all the mortal races. They seem to have no natural affinity to any specific environment, being found in arctic regions (the white furred tae'dae, often with blue tongues) to more temperate zones (brown or black fur) to some jungle regions (where their fur is curiously patterned in black and white). They are extremely affable, proud and charismatic, and most have an inborn desire to protect the furrikin, who are often inexplicably referred to as their "little brothers and little sisters" (and it is true some furrikin look like miniature tae'dae). Though notoriously known for being of small intellect, the typical tae'dae believes just the opposite, considering him or herself to be uncommonly wise. 

Languages: Common, Tae'dae


  o  Level 1: 1/4 resistance to blunt and cutting damage.

  o  Level 25: 1/4 resistance to poison and cold damage.

  o  Level 50: 3/4 ego regeneration.
     Tae'dae with the Cavalier specialisation can use polearms more effectively 
     than any other race, both for damage and speed.
     Tae'dae with the music specialisation gain the trait everybody's friend, 
     increasing their empower and charity ego attacks while influencing.

  o  Demigod: Ability: BEARHUG. Causes a large amount of blunt and asphyxiation 
     damage to the target. Can be used on denizens.

  o  Demigod+: Improved Ability: BEARHUG <target> KILL will deliver increased 
     damage to both players and denizens at the cost of 2 power. If used on a 
     player under 25% health it slays the player outright.