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Aethertraders roam through aetherspace, occasionally visiting aetherbubbles. They announce their presence on the MARKET channel. Whoever gets to the aethertrader first has the chance to trade certain craft items for other valuable items. The higher the valuation of an item, the better the trade. When you find an aethertrader, the following syntax is available:

TRADE LIST - shows all the goods that are available for trade. 
TRADE <item> VALUE - shows what a specific item will trade for.
TRADE <item> FOR <goods> - will make the trade. 

The gnome traders that you may see are as follows:

o Chef Gioia Shucks will trade aethercandy for crafted food
o Rubie Royale will trade aetherbuttons for crafted jewelry
o Raphie DiGagio will trade aetherscarves for crafted clothes

NOTE: The aethertraders will only make one trade and will disappear afterwards so they are available only on a first come, first serve basis.

The valuation of a crafted item is determined by how much a crafter has refined that item using the Refinement skill.

If you are not interested in hearing aethertraders on the market channel, you may CONFIG AETHERTRADE OFF.