When a Great Hunt is organised, it is a challenge for all hunters of the Basin. During the Great Hunt, you will earn double experience for all the denizens and monsters you influence or slay. 

Doing so will also earn you points in the contest. The number of points ranges from 1-10 depending on the level of the denizen. You can gauge how many points your target is worth by using CONSIDER <target>. Use the GREATHUNT SCORE command to see your score, tier, and the top 10 players in each tier.

The Great Hunt is split into two tiers:

o Demigod+ Tier
o Level 1-99 Tier

You will remain in the tier you started in rather than move out of it should you level out of your tier's bracket.

The Great Hunt comes with many credit rewards. Notably, you will receive bound credits for certain thresholds: 5 at 100 points, 10 at 1000 points, and 15 at 2500 points. In addition, the top 10 hunters in each tier will receive additional rewards upon completion of the Great Hunt:

1st place: 400 credits
2nd place: 350 credits
3rd place: 300 credits 
4th place: 250 credits 
5th place: 200 credits 
6th place: 150 credits 
7th place: 125 credits 
8th place: 100 credits 
9th place:  75 credits 
10th place: 50 credits 

Aetherbeasts do not count in the Great Hunt but during it, hunting them will also reward double experience.