19.15.3 DISCORD

Want to get help from others or just generally talk about all things Lusternia? We have an Official Discord server which you can join today!

You can find it at the following link: https://discord.gg/d8PECxD739


You can verify your Discord account with your Lusternia character to gain access to additional channels. Doing so will assign you an additional role called 'Verified' but will otherwise not reveal any information about the character that completed the verification (except to the Producers). 

To verify your account with Lusternia use the command VERIFY_DISCORD and then follow the instructions provided. 


Our Discord server is moderated by a mixture of player volunteers and administrators, and the rules can be found in #server-rules when you join. If you are interested in becoming a Discord moderator, please email support@lusternia.com with the following information:
IG Name
Discord Name
Why do you wish to become a Discord Moderator?
What experience do you have in community moderation?
How often are you present on/able to monitor the Lusternia Discord?

You may appeal any moderation action from the server moderators or administrators via emailing support@lusternia.com.