Crystals of Wonder are powerful items that can be obtained through various methods, including special promotions, leveling, and demigod power purchases. They can be used to form amazing artifacts. The more crystals you attach to a Wonder item, the stronger it grows.

To create a Wonder item use <wonderitem> FORM. For example: WONDERWAND FORM.

Wonder Crystals can currently be formed into the following items. (Numbers preceding the Wonder item refers to the help file which details that Wonder item.)

You may only own one of each Wonder item at present.

7.22.1 - Wonderwand

7.22.2 - Wonderwings

7.22.3 - Wonderpipe

7.22.4 - Wonderhorn

7.22.5 - Wondercornucopia

7.22.6 - Wonderbelt

7.22.7 - Wondermask

7.22.8 - Wonderbrazier

7.22.9 - Wonderclock

7.22.10 - Wonderpie

7.22.11 - Wonderboots

7.22.12 - Wondersaddle