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Information about Zvoltz from Lusternia

Name: Zvoltz
Full name: Zvoltz, the Architect
Name: Zvoltz
Level: Infinite
Race: Elder God
Faction: Hallifax
City: Hallifax
Guild: Divine Havens
Description: He is a radiant immortal and He is a radiant immortal and is surrounded by a brilliant white lambency. His eyes are the blue of untouched glacial ice, shining with irises like refracted, broken glass that shift from hue to hue with stoic inquiry. Held with the unmistakable dignity of a leader, His build is both lithe and tall yet hazy at the edges, as if unwilling to retain a single solid shape. Incandescently white, His hair is swept at sharp angles about His pointed visage, framing His angular features and tapered to fall low at the nape of His neck. His countenance remains impassive, maintaining the austere air of an arbiter, though His eyes exude a sense of cold judgement. His fair skin is suffused with an ever-shifting current of lambent energy, illuminating Him with ethereal radiance.
Kills: Countless
Deaths: 0
Explorerrank: Everywhere, Everytime
Rank: Everywhere, Everytime