The Haunting

Once again, Atropos, the Eldest of the Fates, has broken her shears! This means that the Haunting is upon us and when anything dies, there is a chance its ghost will not find its way to the Portal of Fate. If you find one of these poor lost souls, you can capture it if you can scare it. A simple BOO should work! Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate while she repairs the Shears of Fate. As a reward, if you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat!

The Haunted House is now open with lots of attractions provided by the business savvy of Trader Bob and his Merchant Peak’s Coterie. It is located on the Stairs of Death on Avechna’s Peak and can be reached by the temporary landmark – hauntedhouse.

A wide selection of toys, dolls, and costumes (including new ones!) can be purchased at Brilyn’s store and there is a slew of activities there to keep you busy and entertained. There is pumpkin carving in the garden, decorative web-making in the basement, two unique vengeance games, a spooky basement maze, bobbing for apples, fortune reading, haunted furniture, themed refreshments, and two chilling plays based on the house’s history.

Remember those vengeance games can be initiated by anyone for a small fee so you can play them yourselves. Also, Brilyn sells a potion that will help you keep your carved jack-o-lanterns fresh for much longer if used in the aetherways, helping you keep those decorations for a good while.

In the Haunted House basement you can also find a mirror which leads to a whole other area – an enormous maze with many mysteries and very unique challenges. It has its own spooky quest for you to undertake and a slew of secrets – within the mansion, beneath it, and out there in the maze. We are not guiding you to many of them on purpose, preferring to leave the mysteries of the Hallowed Maze for you to discover. Pay attention to your grimoire there.

Beyond that, if you happen upon an odd doorway hanging in the middle of the air somewhere upon the Prime Plane, be wary! Knock upon it only if you dare! The Oracle of the Earthburner herself has cursed the Haunted House and the Basin at large. There are twenty-two different stories hidden behind those doors and the one to collect them all will find the associated quest completed. Be on the lookout for the telltale signs of the doors in the vicinity – spooky phenomena will be afoot.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the main activities, the Coterie has prepared a Haunting Adventure to guide you through them. Be sure to pick up a pamphlet in the foyer of the Haunted House, it will be your guide. Between the pamphlet, the grimoire, and out there in the wild, there is a total of four quests for you to undertake.

The Haunting will end on November 6th, at noon, giving you the rest of the week to try everything out!