Report Decisions and Second Chances

We recently put out Report Decisions on the reports that were posted a few weeks ago. In an effort to improve the process and reduce the number of Sol 4’s, we’ve selected a few reports that we agreed with the general problem but did not like the solutions, Those reports will be allowed a second chance with alternative solutions. The writers of those reports have been contacted and asked to put up reports again. The following reports are being allowed a second chance.

Report 468 – Ectoplasm
Report 458 – Constrict
Report 465 – Stun
Report 404 – Transmology Eyes
Report 421 – Stag Warrior
Report 467 – Homunculus Revive

We have also decided that other players may submit reports on the above problems in addition to the original report writer. In general, we will only be approving one report per problem. The one potential exception is Report 465, as we’re asking them to look at individual skills instead of stun in general.

Any report posted that does not pertain to the above will be removed and the player that posted will be banned from reporting or commenting on reports for this short cycle. There will only be a 7-day period to get your reports up.

Additionally – there was quite a few reports dealing with family-honour. None of the reports presented solutions that we liked, but we did come to a consensus that we will be removing all mechanical benefits to being the MHF (if any still exist) and leaving the family system as purely status symbol. Unfortunately, we believe that a larger overhaul is needed, but it is not something we’re willing to commit to at this time.