Toronada Beach Party

With the sun beating down fiercely enough to drive back the waters of the Tidal Flats and, consequently, a beach party underway, you may have noticed the people and visitors of Toronada enjoying new crafts and constructions: lounging beneath the sun, wearing new clothes, playing new music. We believe there is no need for the party to end once they clean up. Now you, too, may design and create the following:

GUITAR: available to Artisans (Instruments). While, no, Petrichor will not sell or give away her beautiful guitar, now you may design and construct your very own! Guitars follow similar rules to other instruments: 100+ commodities if 50% or more of the design is made of wood, or 200+ if it is not. And no, not even skilled Aeromancers or priests of Lord Zvoltz are able to infuse their guitars with electricity.

LOUNGER: available to Artisans (Relaxation). Bask beneath summery rays of sunlight or set yours up beneath the shade of trees – either way, you will find the effects of the Astral Plane drain away much faster when you LOUNGE ON these. They function similar to rockers, but just like rockers are furniture for indoor use, loungers are for outdoor, fresh air use only. Also similar to rockers, these will take 200+ commodities.

BREECHES: available to Tailors (Pants). Model low-slung, casual linen breeches like Pyrlios and cut yours off at the knee, or design your own set for horseback riding, swashbuckling antics, or formal gatherings alike. Breeches are perfectly acceptable attire for any of the above and more! These should take 18+ commodities.

INVITATION: available to Bookbinders (Stationery). These are similar to stationery in that you must first have a blank invitation on hand, which will take 1 vellum to create (AB BOOKBINDING MAIL). Then, you will be able to bind invitations to any event or festivity the mortal mind might conjure. When designing these, We invite you to keep in mind mortal crafting rules: these cannot be “an invitation to the wedding of the Charites”, but it may be a wedding invitation decorated in some manner, or an invitation to a larger organisational event, such as the Festival of Light or Sanguine Ceremonial. As invitations are much fancier than stationery, they will take 3+ commodities each in addition to needing a basic blank invitation.

ENVELOPE: available to Bookbinders (Stationery). Send your invitations and letters in style (just remember to close them, first)! These may be stamped with a seal and carry up to two items (including a letter or invitation, if the sender so chooses). Like stationery, you will first craft a simple white envelope with 1 flax (AB BOOKBINDING MAIL), and then you may use the appropriate commodities (1+) to create your fancier versions.

This update comes with a few additional changes. Please see CHANGELOG 2727 for additional information and updates to these and related skills.

Finally, We are providing you with a few public designs to enjoy right away! If any of the above designs don’t quite work as intended, please BUG or TYPO (depending on the particular issue) right away for Us to address with as many details as you might have (what command you tried, what happened, and so on). We look forward to seeing all of your new designs!