Double Up

Dear Cousin,

Something interesting happened in the World Library recently, but I bet you can’t guess what!

A gnome trader named Captain Beppa visited the Library with a group of adventurers and offered us a new game, called Double Up, which she had found upon her journeys in aetherspace. The gnome described it as a numbers game of some kind, focusing on doubling 2s, and thought it would fit in our Library.

At first, Captain Beppa wanted Uncle Weeky and me to pay an enormous amount for the game. But Luce of Hallifax instead suggested that Beppa give us a demonstration of the game instead, noting how many people come and go from the World Library on a daily basis, and I suppose it could be great advertising.

And what do you know: Captain Beppa agreed! So with Uncle Weeky’s permission, we set up the Double Up game board in the Halls of Arcane Knowledge.

By agreement from the others, that same Luce from Hallifax played the first game, which lasted quite long. He must have a brilliant mind! Others were there to see what Beppa was selling and to watch Luce play, including Glitterna, Illyria, Tem, Cheliyi, and Arix. Aysidra of Hallifax and Esei from Glomdoring sat with him the entire time, and I think Esei played their own game as well as soon as Luce forfeited his game.

The board seems to give instructions on how to play if you probe at it a bit, but only one person can play at a time.

I wonder how many more adventurers will come and try Double Up? The captain seemed hopeful that many in Lusternia will want the game at least. The World Library is not a aethershop, but it was nice to have a lively crowd coming in and out.

Well, that should be enough news for you until our next letter, shouldn’t it?

Don’t forget to write back!

Nia Peedia