Anniversary Slippers Results!

Luck, the Luxurious chicken was heard loudly proclaiming her appreciation for a special artifact, which turned out to be none other than a shoe of the Creatrix Herself. It seemed that the revolution sought to make use of the artifact, yet adventurers turned out once more to thwart the effort.

Eight adventurers participated in a special game of Slippers, attempting to avoid the Henmother as she pursued the precious shoe, and keep from being turned into toads. The field was rapidly narrowed with much croaking, and with a well-timed handoff, Ayisdra proved to be the most evasive.

First Place (300 credits): Ayisdra, of Hallifax
Second Place (150 credits): Evette, of Glomdoring
Third Place (50 credits): Sondayga, of Serenwilde