Challenge of Harmony

Six months following the conclusion of the Trial of Justice, the citizens of the Basin once more gathered to see who would claim the Seal of Harmony. Twenty-five orators traveled the length and breadth Lusternia to spread their influence to as many denizens as they could in one hour. From the very beginning, Jolanthe Myeras of the Serenwilde and Thalkros n’Lochli of Magnagora tore away from the pack, constantly trading places in the rankings and seemingly ensuring that the Seal would go to one of them. Yet out of nowhere, Kalas Malarious of Gaudiguch rocketed through the rankings and snatched the lead. As quick as his rise had been, however, Malarious slowly began to lose his stranglehold on the rankings and gradually fell once more behind Thalkros and Jolanthe, who steadily increased her lead until her ultimate victory was assured. Congratulations Jolanthe, holder of the Seal of Harmony!

Second Place (700 credits): Thalkros, of Magnagora

Third Place (500 credits): Malarious, of Gaudiguch

Fourth Place (250 credits): Mahalath, of Magnagora

Fifth Place (100 Credits): Sondayga, of Serenwilde