Retirement Changes

As many of you know, when daily credits were introduced into Lusternia, we removed the ability to build any more retirement value. Any value earned prior to that was left at it’s current value and any character created afterwards did not build value.

Since that time, other Iron Realms games have implemented daily credits within their games and have continued to allow players to retire. Due to this, we wanted to bring back retirement and once again allow you to retire.

Please refer to HELP RETIREMENT for more information regarding retirement. Couple of points to keep in mind when it comes to retirement.

  • Minimum credit worth to retire is once again 1000 credits.
  • Generally, Lessons and Credits (or artifacts that trade in for credits)
  • Aethergoop items, Wondercrystals, and a few other things do no count towards retirement.

All retirement values will be re-calculated with your current credit worth.