Song of the Sculptor

The dwarf bard Dathruk Stonehilt set up camp in Avechna’s Teeth one fine day in Kiani, where he called out for assistance from the Basin of Life. It was Noira d’Vanecu of Magnagora and Esei of Glomdoring who first responded, followed soon by Xenthos An’Ryshe. The trio and their companions discovered the dwarf’s plight: a statue he was tending to had fallen into disrepair, dedicated to a Goddess of the Fourth Circle known as the Carver of Mountains.

The Stonehilts had overseen the sculpture’s mountain shrine for generations. However, recent rock slides had left the Goddess’s statue in an unfinished pile of rubble. Dathruk was on the hunt for a sculptor capable of restoring Her beauty.

It was only natural that they consider the Presidio’s esteemed and renowned artist Baalran y’Bolgari, but Dathruk’s rough requests for him to join them in the Teeth only served to make the viscanti irate, demanding that they all leave his workplace at once.

A new plan was hatched by everyone, this time based on a slightly smudged piece of paper that Dathruk had received from other bards. This merely read: “D. Whispers.” Esei and Noira considered perhaps it was not Whispers, but Windwhisper, an artist house in Hallifax. Thus the merry band went to speak with Master Artist Miella Windwhisper, who recalled her sister — Dionellah, or “Nelly” — was a sculptor known for taking on rather unique requests. However, the Master Artist cautioned them to consider Dionellah’s pride when making the request, as she could be rather vain.

This time, Dathruk knew better than to undertake the mission himself. The dwarf entrusted convincing this artist to Noira d’Vanecu, who had shown great poise and grace in front of Baalran y’Bolgari’s rantings moments prior. With Noira’s assistance, the trill sculptor was convinced to assist in Dathruk’s quest, and they went off to find Dathruk’s shrine hidden in the mountains.

Some say they heard a dwarven ballad echoing from Avechna’s Teeth, and that those present witnessed a sculpture of an Elder Goddess as beautiful and austere as the mountains She carved…