A Message from the Lusternia Team

We’d like to talk about the current global fears surrounding the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.

It may seem strange for an online game to be addressing this situation. But Lusternia’s players and administrators come from all around the world – including many countries that have been, and continue to be, heavily affected by the spread of the pandemic.

People are rightly concerned by the spread of the virus, and an increasing number are being required to self-quarantine – whether that’s due to cases local to you, because of increased threat to vulnerable people, or for other reasons entirely. Self-quarantine is a vital defence against the pandemic. It is also deeply isolating, and isolation can have a huge effect on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Lusternia can’t fix that entirely. Much as we may like to, we cannot reach through our screens and hug each other at the times that we need it most. But when you are alone, Lusternia can give you somewhere to be. And though that may seem like a very small thing, when you are that isolated it can be everything. We are deeply grateful that Lusternia can provide that.

So in the hours and days and weeks that come, consider checking in with one another. Make an effort to talk to people in-character, or foster those close out-of-character friendships you have made through Lusternia. In short, continue to be the wonderful community we know you to be. Because that might just make a huge difference to someone at an incredibly difficult time.

Events This Week & Beyond

Keep an eye on things in-game, as during this week we’ll be running world games, mini roleplaying events, and more to keep you entertained.

On Thursday 19th, we plan to release phase 1 of our demigod/endgame rework.

All of Saturday and Sunday we will then be running a Great Hunt so that you can get yourself geared up with all of those fun new toys.

Over the weekend we will also hold Death, Harmony and Chaos challenges with much higher rewards than the games during the week. Yes, that’s right, you’ll get a Death challenge in your Great Hunt. Deathception.

We’ll be in touch with you about events that are happening after this week. Don’t forget that the last weekend of March already looks to have some Very Big Things happening!