Ascension 2020

The adventurers of the Basin of Life have averted the need for an Ascension! But it’s January…so what does this mean for Lusternia?

Don’t worry – we’re not changing Lusternia fundamentally. Lusternia is the Age of Ascension, and always shall be. For Lusternia as a whole and for many of you as individuals, Ascension is a hugely important competition – so there will be an Ascension in 2020! But for a myriad of reasons, we’re trying something different this year: we’re holding it in the summer.

We wanted to let you know out of respect to the effort you all put into preparing for it. The dates for this year’s Ascension will be released around a month prior to the event, so you will have plenty of notice on the specifics. We do want to note though that we’re telling you this purely on an OOC basis. From an IC point of view, there is no need for an Ascension!

…for now, at least. As Avechna the Avenger has said Himself, there is always the chance that a threat to the Seals will arise.

We hope you’ll join us on the story that will lead up to the moment that such a threat makes itself known. We can’t wait for you to discover what the incredible minds up here have in store.

Orael, Ianir and Aonia