The Lightweavings of Isune

Arriving with little fanfare, an eccentric trill artiste meandered through Hallifax to seek aid from the city’s finest artist. With the air of a mysterious stranger, this eccentric trill beseeched the Chairman Falmiis Shevat himself for escort to speak with whom she sought, Shalmae Silverplume. After ruffling a few feathers and subsequently smoothing them over, the trill stranger enlisted Shalmae to learn her new art, lightweaving.

Imposing upon the Chairman once more, he was asked to capture lightweavings adrift in the crystalline city. Upon his resounding success, Chairman Falmiis Shevat became the first owner of a light-woven piece of Art. But who was the mysterious stranger? A question asked by Primus Gero, to which he received a most prompt reply…

Removing her wide-brimmed hat which hid her face, and shedding her mortal guise, dawn-hued ribbons of light danced in the sky as the facade melted away. In her place, Lady Isune, the Aesthete, revealed Herself to the Basin once again.

With Her radiant return, She spoke, “Upon my return, a most precious gift, Hallifax. May you revel in my lightweavings this Solstice!”

“Merry Solstice, Basin.” ~ Isune, the Aesthete

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