Week in the Life of an Insomniac Admin

Whenever summer comes around my sleeping habits become utterly atrocious. I work part-time during those months, waiting for the school year to begin and, with it, my job. The following diary is a result of this sleeplessness and having definitely too much time on my hands at times. Normally one would spread all of this activity over two or even three weeks!

Though the entries most often go hour by hour, sometimes only half an hour or less would actually be spent on whatever is mentioned. Some smaller interactions are not mentioned, neither is obtaining sustenance or maintaining contact with the real world.

I hope this gives you all a better look at the behind the scenes work that goes into being a Volunteer Administrator in Lusternia.

Entry 1

Learning how to be a wild npc girl in a world trying to make you into a lady. Meant for it to take 10 minutes tops, took an hour. Lots of fun.


Brainstorming a horrible, twisted project with Manteekan, it's the best, we're so wicked. It shall be known as Project Redrum.
Still plotting with Manteekan. Brand new ideas take a while to get rolling, lots of fiddling with lore.
We also now have a secret handshake. #Traitors4Lyfe
Cashing in on melodramatic mind games with eager Orderlings, mmm the angst.
Love the Dark Galadriel moments when Dro reveals her secret plots. All shall love me and despair!
Sleepy but can't abandon Orderlings to figure out unintuitive Rapture syntax on their own, not that cruel.
Feeling bad about having fun rather than addressing a bug. Go fix bug. Code is so 2005. Turns out to be actually that old, lots of exasperation follows.
Doing admin things with Jadice is better than coffee. 
Entry 2
Discussing progress and direction of some Ephs, seeking the best solutions.
Doing research on Project Sophie to make an informed decision. Using Sparkles as sounding board, hoping he doesn't run for the hills due to complexity of the problem.
Reviewing a bunch of [REDACTED] in the quiet of the divine hot tub, Nocht sneaks in silently to help out.
Discussing Project Dance possibly happening with fellow admin, much excite.
Yessss, coerced Lisaera into drinking some distilled soulless essence after spooking her about her wrinkles, see Fain love her now.
Random discussion with Zvoltz leads to something utterly absurd and awesome, might work on that some more down the line. It shall be known as Project Noir.
Found a project for the Sergeant to do that will help keep documentation organised. Pros: they have busywork, Est gets a nice reference page, less work for me!
IC: cackling and sharing popcorn with Viravain while Lisaera rages in the skies; OOC: feeling awful for all parties involved, sucks when this happens and is never easy for either side. Especially when Lis is all: I wanna go watch RuPaul's Drag Raaaaace!
Zvoltz introduces Sparkles to Hallifax while the rest of us peanut gallery the hell out of it, the jokes are hilarious and absurdly awful at once.
Manteekan perfects the Traitor gang sign so we can greet each other with proper respect.
Applauded Orderlings for organising a Vengeance game, favours for all involved. Love any social gatherings, period.
Entry 3
Called into the boss' office, good chat about admin things, got assigned Project FatBird.
Squealing with fellow admin over Project Dance being approved and in motion, so happy.
Swooped by Mag for some empowering interactions.
Almost accidentally emoted "slips a dollar bill into Zvoltz's thong" at a player because I was sure my last "em s" would have been a smile emote. Oops.
Cursing at the locks/keys system, my inventory is a veritable graveyard of invisible locks that defy Rapture rules.
Weekly tidy up party: catch up on news posts I missed from non-priority boards, weed through system messages.
Looks like Lisaera wanted to declare enmity a year ago. I missed the message somehow. Great excuse to plan a catfight.
Fidgeting with the list of coordinators for the Annviersary games in October, we need a few more sign-ups.
Entry 4
Doing some reorganising on our twiki, planning further adjustments.
Formalised the Traitor gang sign into an emote, #CoterieRespect
Looking over templates Sarge submitted somehow leads into a lengthy discussion about quest design, pitfalls and common errors, and storytelling about that one time when Shanthmark...
Brainstorming session for Halloween.
Mag's being active and awesome. I'm busy but half paying attention and writing down names for people to engage later.
Sent a few encouraging words to someone hosting an event.
Discussing some things related to EOY with Weiwae.
Bothering Iosai, I'm sure she's sick of me asking when we'll get xterm colours for prog.
Per request: adjusting the Mag sunset to also show on the rooftop. Should the top of a tower even have a rooftop? Perhaps it's best not to ask.
Got a group going to discuss Project Sophie. We have as many fors as againsts, torn on the solution.
We realise the best solution, which mitigates the againsts, would involve codework but we can't spare the resources now. Going to wait for a few more people to weigh in.
Brushing up on an event Grumps is running later today. Need to be on top of the outline and progs in case something goes wrong and there's a need to step in, either to stall or help figure out the problem.
Orderlings doing stuff. I'm busy progging something but snooping on them and helping with ambient lines to make things cooler. I mean, a knife dramatically dropping into your hand, out of thin air, at your command, is cool, right?
Trying to come up with something fun and small for Mag to do, something that won't take too much out of Project FatBird.
Arrived at a nice idea but decided to do that one later, perhaps for the Bloodfaire.
Dusted off my library prestige rubric and read through submissions. Some people go with their gut, I need a neatly-outlined rubric to evaluate. Go big or go home.
Squealing some more about Project Dance and brainstorming some ideas.
Time for the event. Hovering like a protective momma but everything's going okay. Arguing with other admin which Sailor Senshi is the best. Saturn ofc.
Event still ongoing, few minor hiccups, normal stuff!
Would stay till the end regardless but the chance to see Steingrim in a corset and lipstick seducing an npc helps me stay awake.
Entry 5
Browsing through issues, bugs, and such to see if there's anything urgent.
Messages reveal I will have to get into it with another lock today, RIP my inventory.
Cookie's getting ready to meet her new org soon, lots of fussing around with the right concept and attire.
Further discussing Project Redrum with Manteekan, also explained Project Noir, he loves it.
Came across a serious bug. The deeper I go, the worse it looks. Wrote up a report so bosslady can weigh in on this.
More brainstorming with Manteekan on Project Redrum, design is hard when you want to do something absolutely new.
Long talk with Manteekan about direction of [REDACTED]. We have some concerns, shared our woes, and thought of ways to make it better.
While Grumps is poking at the weather system he spots that one of the areas I worked on is, in fact, lacking one altogether. Well that's awkward.
Bosslady greenlights solution 2 on the bug report. Implementing.
Feeling so unproductive today, should be working on Project FatBird.
Talking on and off with Manteekan about Project Redrum and other things we want to work on is relaxing, general chitchat in the havens.
Looking for some things for an RP thing I want to do with someone later.
Trolled a fellow admin with an entertaining twiki entry regarding them.
Manteekan's spooking people and I'd love to watch but back to the drawing board for something small for Mag. Project Heist is born.
Simple idea turns complex, as they are wont to do.
Still working on this, time flies.
Always takes longer than you'd think, even after I locked Ephs down in the dungeon and put them to work.
Explaining how and what you want done sometimes takes longer than doing it yourself. Ephs learn valuable skills though! Like all sorts of cheats and hacks to get something working right. Perhaps I'm teaching them the wrong things...
Not done with the initial prep but wrote up an outline on the twiki, best to have things documented so others have a reference if they want to chip in.
I want to go to bed but I definitely drank too much coffee >:
Gonna stop by Mag but first patiently waiting for people to finish whatever they're doing so I'm not an interrupting buttmunch.
Still waiting. Maybe I should start throwing "how progresses" at people.
Someone might be half a zombie for work tomorrow but we had a good talk and covered a lot of ground, yay!
I may have to write down discussion points for next time, I get distracted by shiny things to discuss way too easily. Ooo, is_mpos flag...
Entry 6
Time to wrap up prep for Project Heist.
There isn't seemingly that much left to do but Estarra always says we should prepare as much in advance as we can, perhaps even some dialogue bits, because improvising during a release is stressful. Not to mention being overprepared frees you up to react with more flexibility to changes or hurdles during the release.
Sarge will do his very first mobpossession during the event so we go over everything the help file doesn't cover. That involves entertaining/embarrassing stories too. Amnesia dust, amnesia dust!
Still working on progs but also still working on mpos with Sarge and joking around with admin.
Fluffing the event with things, in theory, entirely unnecessary - more mobs and items to give the appearance of realism.
Talking on and off but working in earnest now.
A few more progs need doing so things are automated rather than need my manual input. Doing it manually would be viable for some things but creates more room for error. Doesn't hurt to keep that prog hand strong either.
See, this is why I should only ever work under pressure. If I know I have the time, I will keep on adding complexity till I must stop or miss my self-imposed deadline. Not that anyone will even probably notice the extras but -I- will know and I will be entertained by them existing.
Love those "great minds think alike" moments. Decided I want a wanted poster for Project Heist. Sarge asks if there's anything left to do. I ask if he's ever played Dishonored. Epicness ensues.
Darvellan and I puzzle at odd indent in my progs. Turns out my Sublime Text settings were the culprit.
Ok, so maybe my "small something for Mag" idea has taken on a life of its own. No regrets. Project FatBird is not that urgent.
Most things are done or delegated, still have to test things before getting this show on the road.
Dropped by Cacophony to save the day with their altar malfunctioning.
Another moment for the history books. We discuss constable personalities. I ask if they've read Pratchett. Oh, this is going to be a riot and a half.
How many admin does it take to decipher the manual? 4 apparently. Stumbled upon odd behaviour from Rapture but we made it through.
Eph delivers on the paintings I requested, I knew their aesthetic would fit this project perfectly.
Everything is finally fully tested and ready to go. Wanted to start an hour earlier but this is still Mag prime time, perfect.
We're going full improv mode for all dialogue and lines after all.
Getting a little anxious because I'll be managing a team when I usually lone wolf anything not of EOY size. And I'll be letting Ephs run in "my" Mag. Just breathe.
5am – 7am
First mpos is me and Sarge, it's easier with a partner who can take the lead if you get nervous.
Commotion at the gates goes great, except players choose to go to different mobs than anticipated.
Can't see the screen because of real tears, Sarge is dying too. We pulled off the constables at the estate better than I ever could have pre-planned.
To get the gist of the story right I handle both mobs for the interview.
Handed off one to entertain the salon while I ensure the urchins are dispersed properly by the prog.
The raid is underway, citizens guard the gates, improv ftw. May have started a fire for laughs.
Everything is going great. Sarge is on top of the cell guard who someone insists on bribing, while Grumps hops around making sure the mechanics are firing properly.
Time for the trial. Read some of that epic wanted poster because it's so good.
Verdict: hanging. Glad because that one was going to be the most flashy. Had both outcomes desced and progged though!
Sidebar: A third and fourth option was briefly discussed and, ngl, prayed it won't be used because it would involve way more improv, even if from players than me. It would easily add another half hour when the hour was already ungodly.
Execution occurs on the IG morning, which is perfect because that's exactly how the reward painting was written to be ahead of time, no edits needed! Alternative outcome painting sits in my purse.
Prog thwarts me because I forget I fiddled with mob reset rooms in it, so when I use my usual method to pull the urchins out, they respawn in the cells. Oops. Amnesia dust!
Dying, dead, deaded. Now I must sleep because the alarm clock will shriek in 5 hours.
Entry 7
Handling some bugs, brain hurts from scutwork. Forwarding some questions to coders.
Stage 2 of Project Heist is going down later tonight but my mind is still too drained from last night to function.
Writing a thank you post to the Ephs for their help. They know I appreciate it but extra thank yous on top never hurt.
Running this blog by fellow admin for opinions.
Discussing some bug-related things with coders.
Xterm Colour Rights campaign part 2.
Iosai says she'll keep looking for an implementation. But she has so much on her plate I fear for her taking on more at any point in the future.
Sidebar: It's irrelevant, and Iosai knows I know, and she knows I ask only to know if it's even still on the table for sometime in the future. The same way every few months I ask if we could get weather hooks for progs.
My internet connection is atrocious, I keep dc'ing every 30 seconds.
Discussion with Grumps about ambient messages for areas.
Iosai makes a rainbow with all xterm colours via prog. Just like that. Snaps her fingers and bam, it works now. Like it's no biggie to code. Now and forever she shall be known as the Rainbow Queen. Move aside Isune!
Joking with Ephs about the nicknames they got in this blog.
Iosai, Weiwae, and Sarge go back and forth on the best way to implement the new colour range into prog - numbers or colour names? Idc, just gimmie!
Iosai rocks my world again. She just added the weather hooks I casually mentioned before. I owe her drinks, dinner, and my firstborn.
Looking over edits Manteekan added to Project Redrum, things are shaping up bit by bit.
Long talk with Mysrai, general chit chat in the havens.
Talking with Ephs and generally messing around, fiddling with Iosai's additions. I have a sunset just waiting for a new coat of paint.
Making some changes to the second part of Project Heist. Tweaking some rooms for the hot potato so they're more secretive.
Manteekan and I brag about our Traitor gang sign to Lisaera. At first she's confused but then it dawns on her and she spits to the ground in digust, vows to make an anti-Traitor gang emote, and dares to badmouth Fain. Nobody badmouths Fain but his Bellatrix! This shall not be forgotten.
In the end we do all agree that Fain thinks with his... umm... mask, though.
Mag seems to be on fire, taking names and getting council things done. Not interrupting.
Offered my help getting some things coded for an exhibition Mag is working on, got told to go away because they don't want to overwork me. Rude!
Looking up some faction things and discussing them with Mag.
Chitchat and gossip about everything from flame-painted copper to teas from China.
Mag's off for their astral hunt so I'll run the rest of Project Heist tomorrow.
Bouncing an idea off the faction clan, they're down for pretty colours rain ambients. Score! Project Atmosphere is born.
Fiddling with how to hack the weather with Jadice, we're also trying to figure out real life equivalents for weather systems we study. Magnagora's seems vaguely sub-tropical.
[Picture of passed out Drocilla by the talented hand of one of our Ephemerals!]

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