Children’s Hour

Unspared, even the Blasted Lands suffered massive ill-effect from the curse of Brother Lion. The lands were overrun and the gravediggers likewise became extra menacing. But, what of the children? The viscanti children roaming and meandering these tainted lands found themselves cornered and at the mercy of the curse!

Two notable figures arrived looking for assistance to take the children under their guidance… in very different ways. Both Nevak d’Sifal, emmisary of the Great House Feyranti, and Elalliol Wingwhisper, acolyte of Saint Gathlyn’s Orphanage, have an interest in the well-being of the children as representatives of their respective lieges.

Elalioll Wingwhisper naturally beseeched for aid in New Celest, finding Quartermistress Bleuu willing to lend a hand to the lost trill. Later joined by Emperor Falmiis, the Quartermistress quickly made short work of bringing the viscanti children into Elalioll’s care and escorted the group home to Saint Gathlyn’s Orphanage for comfort and care.

Meanwhile, Nevak d’Sifal looked for the aid of Magnagora, but was soon foiled by his enemy, Elalioll Wingwhisper and his new companions. Once he regained his composure, he returned, resolute and set upon his mission. Through the valiant efforts of Mystagogue Kailanna, Nevak was able to take charge of his own roster of children to learn discipline in the Feyranti Bloodmines.

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