Temperatures Rising

It was the astrologers of the Basin who first noticed it: an increase in solar power that was distorting their attempts to take astrolabe readings. Across the organisations, they began to remark upon it to their companions – Fiik zi’Prouep of the Shadowdancers conferred with the faeling Tiarnis and Sikris Sablewing, who quickly turned her studies to the ways of astrology to attempt to unravel the mystery, before beginning along wtih Dylara Stormcrow to seek Mother Night’s wisdom.

In Serenwilde, Adushoc zi’Prouep (the sister to Glomdoring’s own astrologer) spoke with High Wisdom Aeldra Ladyn and Neshca Myeras. After meeting with the centaur Tokota, Adushoc travelled to New Celest in search of her sister Edathic, and after waiting some time spread her concerns to both her sister and the citizens of New Celest – Xedrik Vivalde, Romaan Hartfire, Utasa and Bleuu. Meanwhile, the people of Serenwilde spoke to Albion of their concerns and were reminded of Father Sun’s history with Mother Night and Fain’s elixir.

By now the Basin of Life was noticeably warmer, especially for what should have been the Winter months. Concern began to rise as well as the search for answers, and it was Glomdoring who were the first to receive a prophecy regarding the Sun’s increasing presence. After Scanlan Stormcrow heard Mother Night’s words, his mother Dylara passed them on to the Glomdoring.

Second to receive a prophecy was Yarith Shevat of Hallifax, who spent some time researching the readings taken by the Matrix Core and investigating their provenance. In the meantime, Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh of Glomdoring heard the words of Grandmother Scorpion from Lerest’i, the Garnet Knight, and Aagasa of the Institute sought the wisdom of Spirit Lake from the Daughter of the Rivers.

Others would later come trying to seek those same words, but to no avail – and it would be some days before the prophetic words would be shared amongst the organisations following a bargain of sorts made between the forest communes.

Along with the search for knowledge came preparations for the worst: New Celest began to investigate the possibility of taking refuge with the kephera in the Undervault, only to find that the Queens had been slain and there were none who could make such a promise in their absence.

Whilst waiting, at Meleris’s urging, Utasa of the Tahtetso raised the beacons to seek the prophecy of the Star of Celest – which, despite several hurdles and the discovery of the Guardian of the Western Wall, was eventually found. In Serenwilde, Neshca Myeras heard the prophecy of Chuchip, Great Spirit of the Seren, thanks to the help of Avae – and in Magnagora, Aois-Dana Zarialle and Dorgoth conferred with Jinlu Ilithyia regarding what knowledge the Necromentate might have to offer. Just outside the Basin, the astologer Piccarda of Gaudiguch expressed his concerns to the Guardian Drachou, but found little wisdom for his efforts.

But for all these efforts, still little was known – save, that is, for the fact that the temperature of the world was continuing to rise.

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