Centaur Pendants

Midspring found the centaur colts with an abundance of energy, demanding to play tag with a visitor to Serenwilde, Domo Tenderhoof. The older centaur refused, claiming he was too busy trying to make centaur pendants. Serenwilders Sondayga, Lleuke, Aeldra, Rivius, Avurekhos, Zinnaella and Kurut gathered around the centaurs and quickly offered their assistance to Domo, following him back to the Hifarae Hills. The colts offered to help, explaining that they wanted to replace a pendant of Poloma’s that they’d broken… though they remained behind to keep up appearances.

Once in Hifarae, the group spread out, searching everywhere for materials that Domo could use to create a pendant. Determined to assist, Sondayga and Aeldra’s work was finally rewarded in the form of a pendant for Poloma Truehoof. She thanked the pair for their efforts and urged them to craft pendants for any other centaur in need. It was discovered that Ahote and Huyana were in love but could not get together because of a mystery in Ahote’s past. Another pendant crafted by Domo shed light on the mystery, and eventually brought Huyana Greyhide and Ahote Lonehoof together. Is this change of heart permanent, or will it prove as fragile as the pendants themselves? Only time will tell.

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