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Archive for August 2015

Second Hand Shoes

We all know that sometimes, when a Divine returns after a long time away, they’re not quite the same. We all talk about it – though we pretend we’re not, and do it behind closed doors. In our community there is a taboo against questioning whether the Divine you’re interacting with now is played by…

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Elemental Upheavals and a Hidden Artist Colony

All was quiet, yet all was amiss, when the Manifestations disappeared. Unnoticed, they slinked away, out of perception, not a trace of their disappearance left behind. That is, until they started to feed. One by one, the creatures of the elemental planes began to disappear. First to notice were the citizens of Hallifax, the life…

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June Vesteran Honours

For the June Vesteran Honours, Vasilissa won the bardic  contest with the story titled, “Drinker of Tears”. In the artisanal category, persayis won with the portrait titled “The Nightmare”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!

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