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Archive for November 2013

October Vesteran Honours

For the October Vesteran Honours, Thul won the contest with the treatise titled, “History of the Creche Wars: The Book of Amonkari”. In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the painting entitled “From The Ashes”.

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A Gathering Storm

Over the past year, four odd wanderers have made their way to the forests of Lusternia. First came the aloof loboshigaru, Diakala, to the Serenwilde, arriving suddenly and causing some small bit of consternation, who was followed soon after by a druid calling himself Tinjtak Gladheart raising a ruckus in Estelbar. Barely a quarter of…

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8 Godly Tips on Running Events

Secret: I hate running events. Well, let me put it this way. I stress out ridiculously when I’m in charge of a release event of any sort. There’s a lot I love about being an admin, but freaking out for hours over tiny lines of script that constantly defy me? That, to me, is less…

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