What the average player might not appreciate about life in the Havens is that there are so many talents, so many people doing amazing things that have nothing to do with Lusternia at all. We have had many, many ephemerals and Gods in college, and several amazing eggheads in graduate school. We have had individuals in the armed services, people who rock full time jobs, a person or two who can build computers, parents, poets, scientists, mathematicians, and everything in between. The nature of the smallish group means that we celebrate with each other every birthday, graduation, new job, new child, or anything else that might happen.

From a player’s standpoint, we must seem to fade in and out at times. Are we bored of being your Divine? No, absolutely not. Maybe we’re having finals, or maybe a busy semester. We might be sweating a big presentation or just the job search. Our kids or our pets might be sick (or making a horrible mess). We’re all juggling these responsibilities, trying to make a little time here or there for what is essentially an enjoyable hobby for some, a passion for others. When we poof, it almost certainly has more to do with the other things than it does with Lusternia. After all, when the juggler drops a ball, it better not be the one that’s putting food on the table or paying the bills.

For those of you who care in particular about Maylea, I am more than aware of being guilty of becoming busy-busy in a real world sense and thus less active in a game sense. Like all of the Divine, I am never entirely absent! I’m only, you know, caught up in my education, planning the future, taking exams, and finally, taking (and passing!) my professional boards. Ah yes, after years of sweating and hard work, Maylea-the-player has been set free from the woes of college and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

And my fondest hope is that I can juggle a little more Lusternia now that I have a little less in the way of studying and working my hind end off. As far as hobbies go, this is pretty rewarding.

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