IRE Meet 2012 – Candid Moments

Not every night were there deep philosophical discussions as we weighed the fate of mortals; rather, for an evening or two, the gods went out to let down their hair (or tentacles, as the case may be) to enjoy a few modest libations while decorously dancing to the music of the modern bards.


Zvoltz appearing to enjoy himself too much, surrounded by other divine.


A couple of goddesses surround an unsuspecting divine.


Estarra embraces the gods–who take it in good grace.


The goddesses relax among their handmaidens.


Isn’t it funny that when liquor is involved, all gods seem to get along…


Morgfyre looks down from the heights of his abode.


Morgfyre has an oddly pleased expression after giving Isune a drink.


I believe Zvoltz was summoning some lightening, causing Morgfyre to make a swift exit. Either that, or they were dancing together–you decide which makes more sense!


This is not a divine, rather it is Phoebus chasing a pigeon. We thought this was too cute not to post!

Estarra and Zvoltz looking strangely pissed off. Was someone late bringing them their drinks?



A rare moment when Crow and Shikari let loose and boogie together.


Shikari could never decide whether to drink or to dance so did both at the same time. I love the thumbsup dance move!


Shikari and Sior enjoy some quiet time plotting together.


Sior and…. some god from Aetolia! How’d that happen!


This is some sort of undead wooden horse. I’m not sure why this amused the gods so, but I would imagine if it were a beat, riding it would be somewhat uncomfortable!

We snuggle together on a circular couch while sipping on some ambrosia! Wait, how’d that MKO god get into the shot! 

Thanks to all the admin and players for making this such a great time! Can’t wait until next year!

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