And The Wheel Spins

Time and time again Stepasha’s undead stormed the Basin of Life, claiming sections of land rife with energy, particularly those of a darker nature, and drawing them out. Krangar, Guardian of Destruction lead charge after charge into the Grey Moors, Shallach, Hifarae Hills, Skarch and other places. With time, their numbers grew, and many came to fear the wandering masses of undead, turning before them and the temporal abominations that spawn in their wake. Not all, however – Xenthos of the Glomdoring and Celina, Queen of the Night took a particular interest in hunting them down, oft in the company of their dark, forestal kindred.

For two months did the battle push and pull, even a Great Hunt being called during the strife. As the Hunt came to its close, Stepasha wound up her forces once more. Nearly a thousand zombies and ur’dead knights poured into the Glomdoring Forest, answering the cry to reclaim the Wheel of the Goloths. The inhabitants of the forest, however, stood together, and valiantly defended the Ebonglom Wyrdling and its prize. Hissing for more of the dead to be slain and their essence used, Rowena Nightshade worked laboriously at the Wheel, preparing her ritual. As the Wheel of the Goloths began to spin wildly, the undead wicca slit her palm with her athame and used her own blood to summon forth Mother Night. Casting the Goloth’s weapon in shadows, Mother Night reached through, into the nothingness, and pulled forth the entity known only as the Veiled God.

For several days the Veiled God variously fought alongside and spoke with the inhabitants of the Merciless Forest, before leading them in a hunt to wipe up much of the remaining of the Time Dames’ undead that still lurked in the forest. Though many questions were asked and answered, the Veiled God departed while leaving many with no true certainty of His identity, or if He has one at all. Many theories abound, however, from every city and commune.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of the Glomdoring Forest, the Wheel of the Goloths continues to spin, wrapped within the great bulk of the Ebonglom Wyrdling.

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