Czigany Wayfaire Arrives in the Basin of Life

The wondrous, extraordinary and magnificent Czigany Wayfaire has arrived in the Basin of Life to celebrate Lusternia’s anniversary! Led by Jal Czigany himself, the Czigany Wayfaire is a fantastic place of games, food and fun. With the mythical beasts of Garridan Lowara, the dark foretellings of Madam Vadoma Drabardi, the whimsical antics of Lady Natayla Lautari, the lord of illusions Master Dukker Cymbolam and the dual feats of strength and pretty carousel belonging to Andrzej Pitivo at his back, Jal Czigany, also known as the Wanderer, is a welcome figure anywhere upon Lusternia, signaling the beginning of festivities and great events. It will not be long, however, before the Wayfaire moves again – alas, the nature of wandering people! Should they be nearby, one should always take advantage of purchasing what goods one can, for you never know if they will still be there next

The Wayfaire will stick around throughout October. Completing the Wayfaire quest will give a special reward! Also, note that there are special beasts for sale that are offered only by the Wayfaire.

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