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Archive for April 2012

The Vengeance of Fiabelhie Stillriver

Spring, usually a celebration of rebirth, brought strange tidings to the Serenwilde. Instead of newborn creatures and budding leaves, Miakoda cried out with alarm at the Mother Moonhart, sensing a fear in the trees themselves. Leaves were falling early, a foulness leeching their life away. Iasmos came to investigate, and found the Wheel of the…

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March Vesteran Honours

For the March Vesteran Honours, Wuylinfe won the bardic contest for the story titled, “A Fateful Coincidence”. In the artisanal category, Aubrey won with her portrait of “Lekius”. Congratulations to all the rest who placed in the artisanal and bardic contests this month!

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The Turning of the Wheel of the Goloths

Eyes all across the Basin turned upward near the beginning of Juliary, 322 C.E. as an ominous silver-blue energy flickered across the sky. The bolts of energy met over the Southern Mountains, and the sky seemed to buckle as images from throughout history flashed across the firmament. The images cycled faster as the intensity of…

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The Secret Lives of Gods

When I was creating the character of Zvoltz, after I decided on his general background and personality, I spent some time thinking about his relationships with the other gods. Was he mad at Elostian for messing up the concept of Divine Circles? How did he feel about Eventru and Fain? Did he think Kalikai was…

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April Puzzle

Another puzzle to unwind. This one may or may not give a clue to something new on the horizon! The first person to post the message in the comments below (don’t forget to sign in) wins 25 credits! Time yourself and see how well you do. Start the clock to time yourself:

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