Trial of Ascension: Rise of Xynthin

During the Trial of Ascension, three Sealbearers faced off for the final event: Kelly McCloud, Princess of Celest; Sir Kalas Ixion of Magnagora; and Spirit Warden Xenthos An’Ryshe of Glomdoring. Sir Ixion was supported by an alliance of Magnagora, Serenwilde and Hallifax while Xenthos and Kelly mainly had support only from their respective organizations. As their battles raged across the astral spheres, the power of the Soulless Gods grew stronger and stronger, as witnessed by the bloody slaughter of the hideous abominations manifested by Kethuru and the astrosphere creatures born of his dreams, particularly the two-headed eagles of Gemini and stainless steel goats of Capricorn. The staff passed from one to the other to the other and back again, in one of the most nail-biting Ascensions to date. But in the end, Princess Kelly threw her support behind Xenthos who was thus able to master the Staff of Ascension, reforming the Nine Seals and protecting creation for another cycle. In doing so, he ascended and is now know as Lord Xynthin of the Realm of Nature.

Congratulations, Lord Xynthin!

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