Bitter Ice Plagues the Northern Mountains

With a crashing of frigid air in the Northern Mountains and an ominous swirling of flakes, the ice skulls which had recently plagued the Basin of Life returned, sending the cities and communes scrambling after. Greeted first by the warriors of Glomdoring, amidst them Talan Ysav’rai and Viynain Erid’in, the skulls were routed, the survivors vanishing into the peaks and valleys of the mountains. Not long after, however, reports of ice skull sightings resumed, indicating they were furtively searching for something as yet unrevealed in the stony passes.

While battles continued in the Northern Mountains with the elusive ice skulls, many of which were evolving into fully formed ice devils, another drama was unfolding in New Celest. A merian youth called Agitho Merule had traveled from a mountain retreat to the City of Light. Swathed in furs and weary from his long journey, Agitho encountered Grandmistress Rayen of the Tahetso and Zynna Val’Andra. With a tale of trouble from a place called Saint Gathlyn’s, and a request for aid from the Celestines, Agitho soon found himself the focus of much interest and many questions.

But before he could answer the questions, Agitho fell ill from his long journey. The boy was relocated to the Aquamancer’s guildhall to rest. Through the masterful healing talents of Azula Vivalde, a remedy was discovered, and the citizens of Celest swiftly martialed to gather the ingredients from near and far for the ailing lad.

With the remedy mixed, Agitho recovered and was ultimately able to lead the gathered Celestians into the Northern Mountains, where he revealed the stairs ascending into Saint Gathlyn’s Orphanage for the Dispossessed. Within, the residents swiftly asked for succor and salvation from the wintry spirit known only as Frost Spite.

A brief sally of Magnagorans and Serenwilders passed through, only to depart at the arrival of the Dawn Brigade, let by the Lady Malicia La’Saet. With the threat to the Orphanage banished, Nydekion La’Saet and Azula set about aiding the residents.

Through the chill of winter and the despair of the residents, the Celestians worked tirelessly. At last, the wards of Saint Gathlyn’s were raised, and the orphans and their guardians gathered to perform a ritual, driving back the spirit and the snow alike. But as the ritual reached a crescendo, the figure of Frost Spite rose above the peak of Mount Wend, speaking cryptically to the remaining ice skulls and ice devils prowling the snowy wastes.

“We may yet be distant cousins, but I owe you nothing,” said the Frost Spite. “But complete the pact and I will do my part.”

With these final, ominous words, the Frost Spite was sealed away, and the Orphanage saved from the wracking winter. But how long will the Frost Spite stay sealed? What type of creature is the Frost Spite, whose powers are akin to those of the Great Spirits of Nature? What were the ice devils seeking, and what was the pact the ancient spirit spoke of? And what more lies beneath the snowbound wastes of Mount Wend?

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