Family/House System Updates!

Long desired, they are finally here! Most notably, the means of gaining honour have been increased drastically, as well as a new ‘House Orientation’ system has been implemented which has an affect on how much honour that is gained via certain actions. Harkening back to the days of the Holy Celestine Empire and the seven Imperial Great Houses that watched from the highest echelons of Imperial Society, three orientations return for those in pursuit of Nobility:

House of Honour

Your archetypical noble house, this house’s gains revolve around righteous, often martial causes. Valiant defenders of their homeland and champions of noble causes, they march into the field of battle with blade, prayer or spell, and often bear a name that terrifies those who would stand against their homelands.

House of Letters

A house of well-read nobility, they are most often philosophers, priests and scientists, and their causes are always those worthy of defending – even against all of the nay-sayers and detractors of competing philosophies.

House of Culture

Known for their social-climbing ways and high-society affairs, Houses of Culture are notoriously popular – often for their connection with the people, but even moreso for their thoughtful and heart-touching stage and literary renditions.

House of Blood

Born out of the chaos and pain of the Taint Wars, such Houses as those of Blood rise not out of popularity, respect or wisdom, but instead of the havoc and bloodshed they wield as weapons, hacking their way through anything that may be in their way. Notions of ‘honour’ are twisted for these Houses – it is not earned, but demanded, not given, but taken – and it is through violence they rise in power.


Houses are formed of families, and in older days, races were often segregated, as no two races could intermingle. Houses now have the option of declaring a ‘Family Race’, and they will gain a small amount of passive honour relative to the number of members who belong to it, each RL day.

HELP GREATHOUSES or HELP FAMILYHONOUR has more details on how one gains and loses honour, as well the benefits of each House Orientation, and honour overall.

To the underlying Family system, as well as the House system, we have also added a few small changes:

o Two parents are still required to adopt a child, however one parent is now able to go with the child to the Bloodline Registry and FAMILY ACKNOWLEDGE INITIATE. The adoption process will /not/ begin until the second parent and the child go and FAMILY ACKNOWLEDGE ACCEPT. At this point the adoption process will begin as normal.

o Children may now acknowledge a family they are not a part of – so long as at least ONE parent is an active member of said family.

o Bannerhouse is now achieved at 15 members, instead of 10.

o The member requirement for a Historical Family is now ‘Bannerhouse’ status.

o Historical Families are now rewarded in various manners in the Great House system.

o Historical Families now have a special prefix to the family name to denote them as such, depending on which city they are aligned with.

o Historical Families are NOT able to change their orientation, nor their race, but are instead determined by the family’s history.

o Bannerhouses and Great Houses with a high Honour ranking will receive +10 members to their family, due to their notoriety and the influence it brings. This will fade should their honour fall below that mark.

o Bannerhouse honour is capped, though they may set an orientation, race and participate in the honour system fully.

o Bannerhouses gain a % of the honour their liege house gains each weave, and visa-versa.

o Great Houses and Bannerhouses receive an influence bonus to one type based on their honour and orientation. All receive a small bonus to village influencing.

o Great Houses of a certain honour can no longer be evicted from a city by the ruling Council.

o The ultimate reward for a Great House remains unchanged – a seat upon the City Council.

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