Wyrden Blessing Brings New Life

During the month of Avechary, the members of Glomdoring Forest discovered a stranger in their forest: Amhika Rotwood, an elfen from beyond Glomdoring’s borders, had arrived seeking the truth about certain rumours. While she avoided explaining her reasons in great detail, she revealed that she wished to learn the secret from Rowena of childbirth through alternate means.

The members of Glomdoring brought Amhika to Rowena, but the latter would not share her knowledge. During the conversation, she suggested that Mother Night might know the secret, for she knows many things, which caused those in attendance to ponder the possibility of speaking directly to the Great Spirit. Rowena declared, however, that the only way Amhika should speak with Night would be to summon her through the Ebonglom Crown ritual. With this little bit of hope (and the advice from certain commune members to clean herself up), Amhika left the forest.

She returned two months later as the moon disappeared completely from the night sky, a new moon for the ritual of the Ebonglom Crown. Shuyin Ysav’rai and Tau Llaewell had prepared the crown during the previous day, and at midnight, the latter presented the crown to Brennan Stormcrow to begin the ritual. When Mother Night graced the Glomdoring with her presence, Amhika presented herself, declaring her a willful servant of the Spirit. Night acquiesced, giving the elfen one chance to prove her worth and giving Glomdoring the duty of seeing it through.

Members of Glomdoring followed Amhika to her hovel by the Gloriana River where she planted a seed given by Night. It grew into a ravenous rafflesia that dined on corpses and shadowy essence gathered by those of the commune. When the plant was full, it burst and blessed the soil with blood and shadows. Night descended upon Amhika Rotwood, whispering the treasured knowledge into her ear and giving her the necessary tools, and departed just as quickly – but not before declaring that the child born from the endeavor would belong to the Great Spirit herself.

Empowered by Night’s blessing, Amhika asked Glomdoring to help her gather the necessary ingredients. Combining their efforts, Talan Ysav’rai, Xenthos An’Ryshe, Shuyin, and others assisted Amhika in growing a child from the very earth. The happy mother now resides by the Gloriana River, guarding Night’s secret just beyond the touch of the Wyrd. There are still many unanswered questions, the one in particular passes in whispers from one Glomdorian to another: What does Night want from this new child?

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