Seekers of the Eternal Flame

The conflict between the dracnari nomads and the lucidian mesa compound came to a climax as the Seekers of the Eternal Flame helped the nomads recover the mythical Hand of Tzaraziko. Unfortunately, the Hand was not able to free the lost city of Gaudiguch from its entrapment in space and time, but rather drained off the some of the energies that was trapping Gaudiguch and creating a energy node of incredible power. The Seekers of the Eternal Flame included Akraasiel, Karrah, Helios, Nepthysia, Kharvik, Sekreh, Falasin, Zolas, Braem, Piccarda. Those helping the lucidian mesa compound included Bau, Rexali, Qaletaqa, Visaeris.

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