Arrival of Morgfyre

In a dramatic turn, Hajamin the Golden Lord began acting erratically and even assaulted Lyreth the Sidereal Prince. Though the divine were unable to enter his temple, the defenses still allowed mortals entry. When finally they unlocked the diabolic puzzles holding the Eye and turned it over to Charune, the Lord of the Hunt. Hajamin immediately lost his form, turning into a amorphous being. Fearing it was a Soulless God, all of the Elder Gods mounted an attack. However, before this creature could be defeated, he revealed himself to be Morgfyre, one of the original traitors during the Elder Wars. Elder God Fain immediately switched sides and rescued Morgfyre, taking his shattered form deep beneath the earth. It was later learned that Morgfyre had consumed the essence of Hajamin and was living through his form.

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