Descended from the Elder God Orlachmar, the orclach are one of the 
largest and strongest of the races. Their thick, mottled skin (generally 
a slate grey colour, though some tend to exhibit green tinges) provide 
excellent protection from physical abuse and their innate healing powers 
are legendary. They are a warrior race who maintained a strict military 
caste known as the ur'Guard. During the time of the Holy Celestine 
Empire, the ur'Guard were the main peacekeeping forces of the Empire, 
though after the Taint, they relocated to Magnagora to follow their death 
cult origins (though the modern day ur'Guard is open to any race). Many 
orclach who were caught in the Taint were twisted and broken into the 
sub-race of orcs, who are pale imitations to the true orclach. Because of 
this, there is a rift between those orclach who feel betrayed by the 
Taint and those who embrace it.

Strength    : 15     Dexterity   : 14     Constitution: 15
Intelligence:  9     Charisma    :  8     Size        : 15

  o  Have a racial language, orclach. 
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to cold. 
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to electricity. 
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to magic damage.
  o  Have a level 2 resistance to cutting damage.
  o  Have a level 1 resistance to blunt damage.
  o  Have level 2 health regeneration. 
  o  Native Weapon: Orclach warriors who choose the Pureblade 
     specialization can use two-handed swords more effectively than other 

  o  Have level 3 susceptibility to fire. 
  o  Have level 1 slower equilibrium.