Descended from the Elder Goddess Loboshi, the loboshigaru are a race of 
humanoid canines (though some dispute whether they are more similar to 
wolves, dogs, jackals or all of them depending on ancestral tribe). They 
have amazing regenerative power, though they are susceptible to magical 
damage. Loboshigaru retain a "pack" mentality in that they prefer to 
identify with clans and groups and are known to be fiercely loyal to 
those groups. Most loboshigaru cannot help but see those outside of their 
groups as some sort of threat, or at least highly suspicious individuals 
who should be met with caution. However much of a social race they are, 
it is noteworthy that if an individual loboshigaru leaves his or her 
"pack" for whatever reason, they often remain intensely individualistic 
"lone wolves", sometimes leading an almost hermetic lifestyle for the rest 
of their lives. 

Strength    : 14     Dexterity   : 15     Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10     Charisma    : 11     Size        : 13

  o  Have racial language, Loboshigaru. 
  o  Have level 3 health regeneration.
  o  Have level 1 resistance to fire.
  o  Have level 1 resistance to cold.
  o  Have level 1 resistance to poison damage.

  o  Have a level 2 susceptiblity to magic.