Lucidian atop crystals

Experiments and Revelations on Continuum

It was in early Vestian of the Year 594 that a lost Vhedrin Skytamer ended up before the Matrix looking for directions to the Continuum Biosystems Engineering Station.
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Thunderstorm over the sea, orange lightning lighting up its heart

After Me, the Flood

The Eye of Dynara had gained a new owner in Li-varili, the Lady of the Lagoons. And yet the Goddess's ability to wield the most powerful Divine artifact in all of Creation was thwarted by Her many years of captivity and suffering.
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Artisanal entry by Esei titled Protege, showing Esei Shee-Slaugh and Illyria

June 2021 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from June!
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A treasure map and coins sit upon a wooden table

Curio Packages

All through this month, you are able to buy curio packages from the website – a number of curio packages that were previously only available in limited edition promotions, including race curios (for the sileni and nagasith races) and every kind of trade curio are once again available. And this month, every Wednesday is Shanth’s…
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Upon a blackboard, an empty grid for the game tic tac toe has been drawn

Double Up

Dear Cousin, Something interesting happened in the World Library recently, but I bet you can’t guess what! A gnome trader named Captain Beppa visited the Library with a group of adventurers and offered us a new game, called Double Up, which she had found upon her journeys in aetherspace. The gnome described it as a…
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Magical swirls of colour against a black background

Li-varili’s Guide to Getting Other Gods to Respond

Some of you seem to want MORE Divine to grovel and play the fool to. The ones in your org having done the inevitable and grown bored of you, or gotten themselves, hopefully, trapped painfully forever. Poor you. So, what's the best way to get yourself someone to zap you, assuming I'm too busy for it?
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Promises: Made, Broken, and Discovered

The 9th of Dvarsh 592 CE dawned hot in the hills north of Serenwilde. There it was that Maylea, Bloom of Serenity sought to create a homeland for the kaelye race upon the First World, and all of Serenwilde turned out to support the Goddess in Her endeavour. In addition to the two exuberant kaelye,…
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Whispers, Worms, and the Wyrd

It began with an invitation from the Silent Lord of the Glomdoring to the Lady of the Lagoons. Before the massive Master Ravenwood, Nocht introduced the still newly discovered Li-varili to the Wyrd and its inhabitants, whom the Goddess seemed both amused and enraged by in equal measure. Though the temperamental Elder gave no indication…
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Portents and Homelands Sought

The portents were good. Serenwilde had been wondering about the newest revelations from their prophecies ever since the wildewood Sprout Thornleaf wandered into the Serenwilde, accidentally discovering a new portion of the prophecy that the Sowers of the Last Seed put so much stock into. The verse was deciphered after much drunken insight from the…
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An Artisanal artwork of Seralem by Gurashi

May 2021 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from May!
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