Diamonds scattered against a black background

Wonderful July

For the month of July, when you purchase credits on the website, you’ll also receive one wonder crystal for every 50 credits purchased! That means if you purchase 1000 credits, you’ll receive 20 crystals! Type SHOWREWARDS to see your status. That’s not all as there is also a sale on -all- artifacts in the Artifact…
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A mirror lies in the embrace of gold silk

Feature Curios

A new set of curios called Feature Curios is now available on the website. Feature curios is a broad term for existing hair and beard curios, and the new beauty and blemish curios. Like hair/beard curios, beauty curios offer a bonus to prestige (you can stack hair/beard and a beauty curio), and blemish curios significantly…
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Colourful macarons

Macaron Curios

A new set of curios called Macaron Curios is now available on the website. This is a limited release that will only be available until the end of the month for the time being. They are consumable curios that offer very powerful bonuses that are balanced out by their limitations. Macarons provide the following bonuses:…
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Image showing the Nexus 3.0 login screen

Nexus 3.0 Beta

Iron Realms has been working on a new version of the Nexus client for the past year. For those of you that do not know, Nexus, is a web-based client that players use to connect to our game worlds. Our goal is to bring an improved experience, that can be easily accessed on desktop or…
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Artisanal submission "The Spire of Manah 2" by Tonatiuh

May 2022 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from May! If you’d like to join them for June, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Aramantos’ A Prayer to the Supernals Runner-Up Ialie’s I’m…
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World Forum Explores Taurian History

On the final day of the year 620 CE, the Mistress of the Forum announced that there would be a guest lecturer in residence for the coming year. The lecture concerned the history of the taurian people, their spiritual groups known as nerebo, and the complex variations found in other taurian groups both past and…
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A battlefield with sword-wielding warriors

Wargames Challenge – Klangratch Champions Royale

As per Public post #1935, the League is hosting wargames! First time hearing about the League? Check out Events #35. The event will take place on June 18th at 11pm GMT. The rules are as follows: the challenge will be hosted at Klangratch Tournies the format is wargames (2 teams) teams will be randomised (see…
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A wirework heart of many metals

On the Road

It was the middle of autumn when Voarag Dragnet set off on a trip that would transform her life. Up till that point, she spent most of her days mining in any crevice she came upon, refining her finds, and then travelling village to village selling her wares. But recent developments encouraged her to try…
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Thread samples in various colours

Customisation Changes

Customisations are once again opened and the help files have been updated to reflect all the new changes. We’d like to give you a rundown of the most important changes and explain our reasoning behind the bigger ones. 1) HELP CUSTOMISATION INDEX or HELP 23, is a whole new help file section set aside for…
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Picture of the portal through a fuzzy lens

Producer Livestream

Tomorrow, on Sunday, the 5th of June at 8pm GMT, Orael and Uilani will be hosting a livestream! We’ll give you a rundown of the Havens’ current development plans for Lusternia and where we are with them, as well as cover a number of other topics. Time permitting, there may also be an opportunity to…
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