Each guild has one elected office: Guild Leader. The Guild Leader is the member with the ultimate authority and privileges of the guild. The elected Leader office is the guild's voice on the governing council of the city or commune and makes decisions on their behalf. It is important for guildmembers to elect people to the position who can work well for the guild and the city or commune at large as their representative. If it ever comes to that, the guildmembers have only themselves to blame for not nominating a new leader.

The most politically powerful within the guild, those drawn to this position must take the 'big picture' view of how the guild shall work with the city or commune in which it resides. 

As a member of the city or commune ruling council, the Guild Leader is considered part of the city leadership and can confirm appointments of the city rulers and generally participate in the governing of the city and commune. 

The Guild Leader makes appointments to various guild positions; the roles, responsibilities and authorities of which will differ by guild. The Guild Leader is also responsible for submitting and coordinating patron requests with the pantheon of their city or commune on behalf of the guild. (See HELP PATRON REQUESTS)

The Guild Leader has authority within the guild and city or commune, all powers may be seen using GUILD PRIVS and CITY PRIVS (assuming you are Guild Leader).

Note: No person can hold more than one elected office (they cannot simultaneously be the guild leader and city leader). Only members of the city or commune associated with the guild are eligible to run for this elected office. If someone in this office quits the city or commune, he or she will immediately lose the office.