18.1    Calendar            About Lusternia's calendar.
   18.1.1  Moon Phases         Lusternian Moon Cycle

18.2    Date                About the date command, and converting dates.
   18.2.1  GMT                 Real world time zones and GMT.

18.3    Levellist           A list of the player experience levels.
18.4    Noviceintro         About Lusternia's automated novice introduction.
18.5    Plants              About the plant-life of Lusternia.
18.6    Emotionlist         A list of Lusternia's pre-built emotions.
   18.6.1  Racial Emotes       Racially specific emotes
18.7    Volunteers          How to become a volunteer.
18.8    Poses               An explanation of Lusternia's poses.
18.9    Weights             A table of weights and measures.
18.10   Changelogs          A log for those small game updates.
18.11   Recognition         Recognising a player's roleplaying skill.