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The Ninjakari are the monks of Magnagora, trained in the deadly arts of
the jakari, a chain weapon. Their monk school was founded after the
discovery of the illithoid, who imparted their arts to the Magnagorans,
sensing close allies in their mutual goals. The Ninjakari are stealthy
warriors, preferring to strike from the shadows when least expected than
engage the enemy directly, disdaining those who lack subtlety in their

The Ninjakari are of the monk archetype, studying Kata and then
specializing in Ninjakari as their primary skill. They also study Stealth,
the practice of clandestine espionage and subterfuge, and can choose
to study either Acrobatics or Psionics - the latter specializing into

For information on the skill, see HELP NINJAKARI SKILL.