August Artifact Adventure

Throughout all of August, there is a sale on -all- artifacts within the Artifact Shop (ASHOP). Absolutely everything is 20% off for the entire month of August. Been saving for that Doctoral Tam? Now’s the time to classflex to your heart’s content. Eyeing that Changeling Intaglio? Make everyone guess what race you are at the moment! If you’ve been saving for it, now’s the time to purchase it!

On top of that, when you purchase credits on the website, you’ll also get Aethergoop! For every 25 credits, you’ll receive 100 aethergoop. But to sweeten the pot, for the first 100 credits you purchase, you’ll get an additional 50 goop for every 10 credits you purchase. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to the No-Brainer credit packages).

The keen-eyed will also spot eleven new skins within the artifact shop – giving new descriptive options for the Belt and Baldric of Klangratch, more saddlebag and wallet options for the parafilament purse, and two new Doctoral Tams!

Lastly, for the entire month of August, get your hunt on and take advantage of Klangratch’s Mighty Mondays! Every Monday in August, enjoy a 25% increase in PvE damage throughout the day. This damage does not apply to city guards and the like, only beneficial when you are out hunting and exterminating everything in sight.

PS: A certain cerulean pebble is now available as well!