The Festival of the Creatrix

For fifteen years, Lusternia has celebrated its Anniversary as simply the turning of the Cosmic Cycle. No longer! This annual event shall now be known as the Festival of the Creatrix – and in addition to all of the already scheduled events, you will find the following attractions this year:


  • Upon Avechna’s Peak, Apprentice Agwesha awaits you not far from the Portal of Fate. For the duration of the Festival, she will be selling a variety of wares, including:
    • Decorations for the festive season!
    • A few fun toys to demonstrate your celebration.
    • Fireworks, because is it really a festival otherwise?
    • Chocolate‚Ķthat tastes like chicken! Maybe.
    • And lastly but most importantly, a limited-edition doll of Estarra Herself.


  • The Lovely Charites are delighted to announce the release of two kinds of lantern, which may now be designed and crafted by Bookbinders and Artisans!
    • Bookbinders can make Skylanterns, which may be released to display their beauty on the surrounding area. Please bear in mind that as a kind of origami, these lanterns must be primarily made of paper.
    • Artisans will now find that Wallfeatures has been rebranded as Lighting, and contains a new pattern for hanging lanterns that will, periodically, illuminate the surrounding environs however so designed to.


  • If that wasn’t enough, masters of Cooking may now create cocktails! You will find these under the Spirits ability.

We hope you enjoy the Festival!