The Solar Queen’s Edict

It began roughly five years ago. After the Goldenclaw Coven cursed the Basin of Life – misinterpreting the efforts of the Basin as colluding with their Dawnburst enemies – and after the return of the beloved Sako Tleem, Queen Maeve was struck by an idea. And such an idea smouldered and flared, coming to life as an edict: No fae shall leave the borders of Faethorn, under fear of death. As a great, sweltering heat descended upon the Faethorn, Rancoura So’hthae, Lysistrata Shee-Slaugh and Aramel Shevat took to inspect the scene – their respective covens convening soon after. They learned that the fae refused their tah’vrai under Maeve’s authority. Knights of Glorious Dawn replaced the Queen’s normal entourage, and though she seemed unwell, the Maeve remained blind to the proceedings.

For a good long time, the edict remained in place: both covens concerned, but obeisant.

In late Vestian, the mages of Lusternia felt an unusual pulse – their connection to their respective Elemental Planes fraying like burnt edges. Upon inspection, they found themselves under siege: the fae of Father Sun – coronuli, embaruli, nimbuli, and the great Hunters of the Shorn Corona – ravaging the lands, drawing upon the higher vibrational powers. Those of Celest and Magnagora recalled a similar elemental disruption a while ago, and as the city-folk of the Basin fought off a common enemy, so began a working to protect the Planes. Essence flowed through the elemental archways that connected the planes to the Ethereal Realm, thus stopping the onslaught of fae.

Many, including Primus Gero and Yarith and Falmiis Shevat, turned to the Queen of the Fae for answers. Still under the delusion for all these years, the Queen was cagey – either unable or unwilling to address the threat of the Sun fae. It was only after the Queen herself slew Enyalida Zayah did the assembled Basin-dwellers turn away: leaving the Queen to revel in the heat of her domain.

But not long after, the communes were alerted. Like long ago, the covens of the Basin were called upon a small, young voice, directing them to the hidden grove of the Thornroot Movement. There, a little fae girl, Perriwinkle Sweetpease, the Arcanist Jalwyn, and others, explained their fears of the Queen’s growing insanity. It was then that the Queen declared her newest edict: no mortals shall trespass within the realm of Faethorn, and all fae that assist them shall be punished by pain of death. The last straw, it would seem, as the Thornroot, and many people of the Basin, fought back. Then rage overtook Queen Maeve.

The Maeve’s lips parted, pealing out an ancient song – the Song of the First Morning: a lament, a cry of pain, a cacophonous tune. It was revealed the Queen?s ailment was some empowerment by the Sun Spirit, and she descended upon the Faethorn once more as the Solar Queen. While a cadre of Hallifaxians attempted to duel this infernal entity (and failed in their attempts), the Thornroot gathered the communes for a plan of action. An election would be called for the new Thornroot Leader – a position left open with the passing of Laeroc – and the choices were between Aife (a knight of an elite fae order), Jalwyn (Laeroc’s apprentice), and Perriwinkle (long-standing member of the Thornroot). It would be, in the end, Perrwinkle as the chosen leader, and he proposed the great Song of Ail’Fae Runia, which had not been heard since late Laeroc. Unfortunately, Perriwinkle was untrained in the arts of magic that Laeroc possessed, and requested a set of notes to prepare. Aramel, Gero, and Tylwyth of Glomdoring undertook the quest – finding the notes within a riddle-protected box (where the notes were promptly snatched by a later arriving Xenthos An’Ryshe and Crek Stormcrow). Notes in hand, Perrwinkle left to study.

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