A Geomancer’s Dream

As adventurers far and wide prepared themselves for the coming Ascension Trials, the rest of the Basin continued in motion, the Soulless threat looming over them like a dark shadow. In Magnagora, a geomancer researcher named Rasebal i’Xiia, long wrapped up in his research on the Taint and its effect on the earth, stumbled out into the city, ranting about dreams as he made his way through the city streets. Arcanis rushed to Rasebal, curious about his cries, and learned of the nightmares that haunted Rasebal. Rasebal told the geomancer of the figures that came to him in his sleep, pushing him towards the mountains not far from the city. He asked to be brought to Snaikka, a fellow i’Xiia, where he told her of his dreams, and his desire to take his research to the mountains. Snaikka quickly tired of his ramblings, taunting the young i’Xiia for his failures to the family, but with the help of Arcanis, was convinced to give in to the crazed researcher.

Snaikka summoned Jezebel, tutor to the Geomancers, in hopes that she would be able to understand the cryptic message hidden within Rasebal’s dreams. Jezebel and Rasebal talked through the confusing images that haunted him, but Jezebel was of little help. Snaikka, tired of dealing with the situation and busy with her own work, granted Rasebal permission to take his research to the mountains. He and Jezebel returned to the guild halls of the Geomancers with Arcanis, but was quickly chased off by the advances of the Mistress, disappearing from the city for a few days.

Suddenly, an earthquake shook the city of Magnagora. The tremors continued, stretching out into the Blasted Lands, and then reaching into the mountains that surrounded the city. Shaken loose by the moving earth, a rockslide fell down the slopes of the Southern Mountains, and soon, the adventurers saw why. Rasebal had cleared out a laboratory from the side of the mountains, and Arcanis quickly greeted him in his new study. He was the first to be asked for help by the researcher, tasked with scouring the mountainsides nearby for a strange creature which he called a gulagoyle. Arcanis quickly set off, seeing out and slaying the creatures, retrieving the samples needed for the scientist. Kregarn and Selenity, of the Serenwilde, stumbled into the laboratory, curious of the geomancer and his research, but ultimately decided not to assist. Tridemon, curious of the rumblings in the mountains, would come to possess one of the samples, holding onto it while he questioned the researcher. Assuming his research would eventually come to fruition whether he helped or not, Tridemon handed over the ingredient to Rasebal and waited.

Rasebal was quickly flooded with his requested samples, but the gulagoyles provided just more mystery. Rasebal tasked the adventurers with retrieving other tainted beings from the Blasted Lands to which he could compare them to. His request granted, Arcanis returned the last of these samples, unlocking the secrets of the gulagoyles for the researcher, rewarding Arcana for his assistance.

Rasebal, intrigued by his findings, quickly returned to his research in hopes of mass producing this gift for the city of Magnagora, always in need of assistance from any who proved themselves a willing test subject.

Rasebal quickly called upon Arcanis once more, still haunted by the dreams, and sent him out to investigate. Pushing more boulders loose from the mountainside, Arcanis uncovered a glimmering jewel. HIs treasure was quickly lost as incorporeal figures descended upon the gem, manifesting a presence just long enough to retrieve it. As they laid their hands upon the jewel, their forms solidified, but the presence did not last. A look of disappointment upon their faces, they took to the skies once more, leaving Arcanis to return to Rasebal once more. Rasebal was no long plagued by the dreams, and decided that to bring honour to his family, he would continue his research into the gulagoyles, in hopes of bringing their gifts to the city of Magnagora.

What had happened to the researcher’s crazed dreams, which seemed to have suddenly faded? And who were these figures that descended so quickly upon the mountainside to steal this mysterious jewel? Answers would surely come in time, but for now, the adventurers returned to their preparations, readying themselves for the upcoming trials to repair the damaged Seal.


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